Rental Terms and Conditions


The person making the reservation will be accountable for any resulting damage, additional cleaning or additional services required due to the actions of a member of their party, a guest or a pet. Additionally, the person making the reservation hereby assumes all responsibilities for the actions of themselves, any member of their party, or any guests they bring or invite to the premises. As the person making the reservation, I hereby release the owners of the premises, as well as Cloudcroft Properties, and hold them harmless from any and all liability for personal injury, accidents, loss of life, valuables or personal property due to or caused by the actions of myself, any member of my party, or any guest that myself or any member of my party brings or invites to the premises, which might occur during the stated time period.


Check in time is 3:00 p.m. unless arrangements are made in advance. If a guest expects to arrive after 5:00 p.m. arrangements to pick up the key at the Cloudcroft Properties office must be made in advance.

Check out time is 10:00 a.m. unless other arrangements are made in advance. Late check outs may be subject to an additional charge.


Guests are responsible for all keys. They are to be picked up upon check-in and returned upon departure to the Cloudcroft Properties office at 109 James Canyon Highway (Hwy 82). Keys may be placed in the drop box located immediately to the right of the office door. The office is directly across the highway from the Bear Den Self Storage Units. Replacement costs for lost keys will be charged to the guest.


The one-time cleaning fee charged the guest is designed to cover the cost of restoring the property to a move-in condition for the next guest. Additional charges may apply if guests leave dirty dishes and excessive trash at the property. Cloudcroft Properties requires guests treat the property and its contents with care.


Owners have placed furniture and decorations according to their style and taste. Please do not move furniture, pictures or other decorations. If you find it necessary to move something, PUT IT BACK BEFORE YOU LEAVE. DO NOT hook up any guest equipment (games, WI boxes, etc.) to the TV sets.


The number of guests to be occupying the property will be requested at the time the reservation is made. Should you choose to have additional people beyond that number, an additional fee per person may be applied or you may be requested to vacate the property.


All our rental properties contain well stocked kitchens (utensils, dishes, pots & pans, dish soap, paper towels) and most have coffee pots, can openers and microwave ovens. Bathrooms are stocked with towels, washcloths and toilet paper. All beds are furnished with linens. We DO NOT supply bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, personal hygiene products. Check with us at the time of your reservation if you have any questions on amenities for a particular property.


No more than two (2) vehicles may be parked at any rental property. No RV’s or trailers without prior consent.


All Cloudcroft Properties rentals are non-smoking. Please smoke outside, but always be mindful of fire danger and any fire restrictions that may be in effect. Please use cans or ashtrays if provided and do not leave cigarette/cigar butts on the ground. If a guest has smoked inside the rental property, a charge of $250.00 will be applied to the securing credit card or the damage deposit on a non-secured reservation will be retained.


If a pet is allowed at the rental property, please clean up after it. Do not place pet food outside as it will attract wild animals. A non-refundable pet fee may be requested at the time the reservation is made. An additional fee will be applied to the securing credit card or the damage deposit will be retained, if a guest does not clean up after a pet.


Cloudcroft Properties does not provide fireplace wood or charcoal for rental properties. Both are available for purchase at the Village Hardware. Pellets will be provided ONLY if the pellet stove is the sole heat source. Pellets are available from the Village Hardware or Cloudcroft Auto Supply. If the propane tank on a grill runs out, please call the office.

  • NEVER use lighter fluid in the fireplace or wood stove. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS
  • NEVER leave any fire unattended, whether in an outdoor grill or in a fireplace or woodstove
  • DO NOT use an outdoor grill on covered decks or near trees.
  • PLEASE be sure to turn off propane grills and the tanks after every use.
  • NEVER build a campfire outside unless a fire pit has been provided, DO NOT build a fire pit if one does not exist.
  • ALWAYS follow any fire restrictions placed by local authorities. Failure to do so could result in a fine.


Cloudcroft Properties is not responsible for guest vehicles that become stuck due to snow, ice or any other condition. It is advisable to check weather conditions before starting out as the Cloudcroft area can experience weather conditions creating streets or roads only negotiable with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Rental of this type of vehicle in your starting location may be advisable if snow is forecast for any time during your stay.

Cloudcroft Properties is not liable for lost or stolen personal items. As a courtesy, guest items left at the property will be returned upon request at the guest’s expense.

Anyone renting a property may not discharge a weapon of any type for the purpose of target practice or sighting of a weapon.  This includes any weapon used for the purpose of hunting.

The hanging or "dressing" of any animal is not allowed on any property.

Observe any posted speed limit signs.


Please remove all items you brought with you from the refrigerator and freezer

  • Do not make the beds
  • Clean all dishes
  • Close and lock all windows and doors
  • Turn off all lights, inside and out
  • Turn the thermostat down to 50 degrees – Do not turn heat off completely during winter months

Remove all trash from the property and dispose of it in the public dumpsters provided by the Village on each block. If a dumpster is not available in the rental area, please double bag the trash and place it inside the house on a non-carpeted area. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OUTSIDE. Cloudcroft Properties will then dispose of it.


NON-HOLIDAY – Bookings of less than 28 days - cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the check-in time will be charged for one night's lodging.

HOLIDAY – Other than Christmas/New Year - Cancellations made prior to 2 weeks before scheduled arrival will be refunded the deposit minus a 5% service charge. Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to arrival will not be refunded the deposit.

CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR - No refunds of any deposits made on cancellations after December 1. Cancellations made prior to December 1 will receive a full refund of deposit minus a 5% service charge.

SPRING BREAK - No refunds of any deposits made on cancellations after March 1. Cancellations made prior to March 1 will receive a full refund of deposit minus a 5% service charge.


  • 30 days or more before arrival date – full refund of deposit minus a 5% service charge
  • 14 days or more before arrival date – ½ refund of deposit minus a 5% service charge
  • Less than 14 days before arrival date – no refund of deposit